Teens Against Crime inc. provides services to the Southeast Queens and Rockaway areas our mission is to address the persistent acts of crime and violence that affect most youth by offering them alternative programs.  The program provides youth with an outlet for the anger and destructive feelings that often result in criminal or violent behavior.  We also empower the economically and socially disadvantaged youth through education, social self awareness and cultural enrichment programs.

Being aware of the correlation between a lack of social services, recreational activities, and crime, Teens Against Crime pursues creative ways to broaden the appeal and usefulness of its current program.  After school services such as tutorial services, individual and family counseling, homework assistance, recreational activities and workshops, peer counseling and summer programs are designed and implemented to challenge and broaden the minds and skill-set of Teens Against Crimes participants.

Our mission is to utilize the resources we have in order reduce the number of at-risk youth, empowering them with the basic skills they need in order to be productive men and women in today’s society.

In addition to our ability to provide services and educational seminars we have undertaken an internship/leadership  program whereby we employ/train youth and provide a stipend, carfare and underwrite the cost of books and school supplies.  We expose them to governmental agencies/experiences by having them attend conferences in Albany and volunteering in local governmental offices. We provide employment referral and gainful employment with our member agencies for at risk young adults in our community.  We have exposed our youth to education, employment and governmental procedures and protocols.

Your support and contributions allow us to continue and expand the services that we have been providing through the years. We respectfully ask that you continue to support our youth.