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 Our mission is to address the persistent acts of crime and violence that affect most youth by offering them alternative opportunities and choices. The program provides youth with an outlet for the angry and destructive feelings that often result in criminal or violent behavior.  We also empower economically and socially disadvantaged youth through education, social self-awareness and cultural enrichment programs. We pay close attention to the correlation between a lack of social services, recreational activities, and crime. Teens Against Crime is always pursing creative ways to broaden its appeal and usefulness. After school services such as tutoring, individual and family counseling, homework assistance, recreational activities and workshops, peer counseling and summer programs are designed and implemented to challenge and broaden the minds and skill set of Teens Against Crime participants. T.A.C also exposes youth to governmental agencies/experiences by having them attend conferences in Albany and volunteering in local governmental offices. We provide job opportunities and employment referrals with our member agencies for at risk young adults in our community.   In addition to our ability to provide services and educational seminars we have founded an internship/leadership  program whereby we employ/train youth and provide a stipend, car fare and the cost of books and school supplies. 

We believe in you!

“There is an inner tension or inner war within ourselves. Our flesh urges for wrong while our spirit urges for what is right. Whichever one feeds into the most, becomes the strongest in the battle.” 

  Teens Against Crime Inc. provides services for youth to cope with current complex and volatile environment and cultural trends primarily in Southeast Queens /Far Rockaway, New York.  Florence Simmons, Founder of T.A.C. 


Teens Against Crime focused on fixing the problems in the community which disrupted the development of our youth. The organization did this by providing after school activities and programs to address substance abuse and behavioral problems. The organization’s logo represents how our youth can become leaders through hard work and dedication. They are the heroes in this story and it is up to us to make sure they have all the right skills to be successful.  Over the years, T.A.C. has expanded its services and collaborated with other youth programs to expand its services and reach more of today’s youth. There have been a host of young people who have circulated through T.A.C.’s  programs and services and more than 70% of them have moved on to become successful in their own lives as well as being successful contributors to society.   Coverage Areas

  • Southeast Queens/Far Rockaway
  • Manhattan
  • Brooklyn
  • Bronx


  • Social Services
  • Youth Counseling
  • Youth Outreach
  • Parent Development
  • Summer Programs
  • Cultural Arts & Media
  • Job Readiness
  • Financial Planning 

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164-03 109 Ave.

Jamaica, NY 11433


Florence Simmons

347 449-4991


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