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Our Adventures!

Parents enjoy some of our activities just as much as our teens. We try to  incoporate activites that they both can enjoy together. Our goal is to build better relationships between teens and parents. 

Photo Art!

Art is always a great way to have our young people to open up and share their feelings. We encourage drawing as a way of communicating or being able to escape issues or problems they may be facing in their reality.

Introduction to new Fun!

Many of our youth have never spent a day in the boro of Manhattan, Eventhough they have lived in New York City their entire lives. Manhattan is one of the biggest tourist attractions in the world.


Our teens have created bonds that will last a lifetime because of their involvement with our organization.  their consant communication with each other allows  T.A.C. participants  to enjoy career accomplishments as they enter adulthood .

Developing Lessons

Developing lessons with the input of our teens can be rewarding for staff as well as participants. We encourage teens to express themselves and their ideas at all times.

Future Generation

We make sure that our T.A.C. participants know the importance of being a role models for our youth. We teach them that someone is always watching! Our future depends on them.